Forklift Tipping Skips – Buyers' Guide

Published: 16th May 2011
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Why use forklift tipping skips ?

Strategically placed in production or storage area, skips and tipping bins for forklifts help keep working areas clear and allow safe and speedy removal of scrap or rubbish to the appropriate skip or waste compactor.

What are the Health & Safety Requirements ?

All Contact Attachments tipping skips and tipping bins are manufactured in accordance with the latest EC machinery directives under a quality controlled ISO 9001 regime.

All tipping skips come supplied ‘CE’ marked and issued with Certificate of Conformity, full technical rating details, and full set of operating instructions.

Will the tipping skip fit on my forklift ?

Contact Attachments tipping bins for forklifts are designed to fit onto the forks of conventional forklift trucks. The main things to check when ordering a tipping skip or tipping bin for your forklift is the width and thickness of your truck forks (Contact Attachments forklift tipping skips are designed to suit a maximum size of 150x65), the maximum fork spread of your truck (our tipping skips are designed to suit a spread of 890mm outside edge to outside edge), The capacity of your truck (It is important that the combination of attachment and load do not exceed the forklifts rated load capacity).

It is important to confirm if you have a conventional forklift or another type such as a Reach truck or Pedestrian Stacker as these may have fitment issues. Do not worry if your truck is not suitable with the standard model of forklift skip we offer! We have a bespoke design service to cater for any non-standard configurations.

Will the tipping skip be suitable for my product ?

When selecting a tipping skip for your application, it is important to ensure that you are certain of the product that’s being handled. Our regular duty forklift skip is suitable for lighter waste such as wood, packaging materials, swarf & plastics. The Heavy Duty forklift skip is suited to heavier waste such as bricks, metal off cuts, and concrete. Depending on your waste we may have an optional extra which will aid your waste handling, for example the packaging forklift skip gives you extra volume when handling lightweight materials, and the Drain tap allows liquid to be drained from the waste for applications such as handling swarf where the coolant can be extracted and re-used.

Here's a run down on the different sizes of tipping skips Contact Attachments manufacture, and for what product and usage these tipping bins would be suitable for:

RFS 25L (0.25m3 capacity) tipping skip and RFS 40L (0.4m3 capacity) tipping skip would be suitable for small offcuts of timber, steel off cuts etc. These are ideal forklift skips for placing next to a workbench.

RFS 80L (0.8m3 capacity) tipping skip and RFS 120L (1.2m3 capacity) tipping skip ideal for general factory rubbish and the prefered choice for building sites.

RFS 160L (1.6m3 capacity) tipping skip and RFS 200L (2.0m3 capacity) tipping skip, ideal for where large volume/low weight is required such as timber products and paper wastage.

Summary – Important checks

Ensure the size of the forks on the forklift is suitable for the fork entry pockets on the forklift skip

Ensure the forks on the forklift truck can be adjusted apart sufficiently to accommodate the spacing of the fork entry pockets on the forklift skip

Ensure the forklift capacity has sufficient capacity to handle both the forklift tipping skip and the load being carried

Ensure the forklift truck is of the counterbalanced variety (other styles of forklift trucks may require a more tailor made forklift tipping bin)

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